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Sicily Cooks and Friends Tour

Join us at the peak of the wild flower season to explore the most interesting and varied island in Europe, Sicily.

The biggest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily is a mere 3km from the Italian coast, but bears very little resemblance to the mainland – the people, the food and the architecture are quite unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere in Italy.

Why is Sicily so appealing? Over the centuries Sicily has seen many civilisations come and go, including the Greeks, Romans, Moors, Normans and Spaniards. Even the Nazis and the Allies left a lasting legacy. All made huge impressions on the landscape, and especially on the food. Each area has a distinctive style but everywhere there is a heavy emphasis on using the abundant produce you will drool over at the local markets.

Five cooking sessions, each with a different theme, are included for those keen for the hands-on approach. Of course, there will also be wine. You’ll have at least four tutored tastings during your stay.

Your accommodation ranges from small family-run hotels to four star resorts set in beautiful countryside.

For the energetic, there will be opportunities to explore on foot, by bicycle or quad bike. What’s more, the beaches are superb and Mt Etna is a constant fascination. The sight of the golden orb of the sun sinking into the sea over the ruins of an ancient Greek temple will stay with you forever.

Come to Sicily – you’ll be so glad you did!

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