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Tailormade Holidays & Special Events

The active gourmet travel is not a regular travel agent selling standardised tourist packages; we’re expert travel designers and travel coordinators so, as well as offering a range of escorted tours each year, we tailor-make trips to suit you, the independent traveller.

Our bespoke holidays are perfect for:

We make the best use of your time so you can experience the real countryside, not just skim over the surface. Some places in your detailed itinerary are well off the beaten track - locals are often amazed at the extent of our knowledge of their areas!

Quality accommodation & villa rental

Where you stay will echo the traditions of the region and ensure that you savour delicious regional food and wine. Your travel package will be fully paid in your own currency before you leave home. 

Whether you are renting an apartment in Paris or a villa in Tuscany, self-catering accommodation is surprisingly affordable. Live like the locals - explore the lively markets and attempt regional specialties in your very own kitchen. We ferret out the best! 

Detailed itineraries

To help you to optimise your well-earned rest, our personalised itineraries are so much more than a list of bookings and dates. For example, we take into account opening hours, market days, national holidays, local customs and expectations etc. The inclusions are based on your interests and, obviously, you adapt our suggestions to suit your mood, energy levels and weather conditions.

Excellent value for money

Your car rental, train bookings, venue tickets, accommodation, and even some meals, are combined into a personalised travel package that is pre-paid. Your total package outlay varies according to the number of people travelling, length of the journey and the complexity of your itinerary, but you will always get excellent value for money.

For cyclists, walkers, golfers, fishermen...

Our detailed itineraries provide options to include your favoured activities - you will be given large-scale maps before setting off if you want to do additional exploring and you can adjust the pace to your own level.


Send us your travel plans

If a personalised holiday package seems like the holiday for you, the first step is to fill out our travel planner with an outline of your interests and email it to us. Then we will:

  • Get in touch to discuss your ideas and holiday budget.
  • Offer practical suggestions to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime.
  • Provide you with a detailed, personalised itinerary, including maps where needed.
  • Give pre-travel suggestions: what to pack for your particular journey, local foibles
    and information, plus useful phrases to get you by.