The Active Gourmet Travel

Hi there, I am Hubert

I am the hippo mascot of the active gourmet travel, named after St Hubert, who was born in Toulouse around 600AD.

St Hubert is the patron saint of hunters, so it's my job to hunt in the forests of France and Italy for very special places to cycle, walk and enjoy my beloved pique-niques

Why would a travel company choose a portly hippopotamus to represent its company, you might ask? Because my sleepy, relaxed appearance belies an amazing turn of speed, and this epitomises the active gourmet travel's ability to move and change direction when needed. On tour, they say, you must expect the unexpected and relish it.

Since I get to hang around the active gourmet travel a lot, I know heaps about travel and I want to share my insider travel and food tips with you to make your journey even more unique – so please visit my travel blog and see what we get up to.

Bon appétit!