The Active Gourmet Travel

The 'Team'

Gail Trapp

Owner, based in Auckland, New Zealand. Gail is a tour designer and experienced travel guide. After many successful years in this business, Gail has a network of knowledgeable and friendly people working around the globe who will play various roles in your travels - from chef and driver to guide and wine connoisseur.

Maurice Trapp

Self-designated 'tail-end Charlie' (Lanterne rouge).



New Zealand-based assistant and graphic designer.


'Mothership' captain, looking after you, your bikes and your purchases!

Lesley & Grant

Guide and mechanic.


Loire-based guide, cook, wine connoisseur and fount of all knowledge!


Our host in the Loire.


Loire-based assistant, good with a map.

Joy (left)

Italy-based assistant. 

Savina (right)

Our host at lake Como.


Our host in Tuscany.


Alternative transport, Loire.

The French Public

Always there when you need them!