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Piedmont - bike, walk, drive

Walk, cycle and enjoy the comforts of our support vehicle as we explore Piedmont, Italy’s most bountiful region. Glorious wines, powerful seasonal cuisine – don’t miss this chance to get off the beaten track. 

Piedmont is a land of plenty traversed by the mighty Po River, and reaching the very summits of the Alps. It is bordered by both France and Switzerland. The region has frequently been under foreign domination, and castles appear on nearly every hill. Many were built as early as the 10th century. In 1860, Turin became first the capital of the united Italy, keeping this role until 1865 when the capital became Florence, and then Rome in 1871. 

The cuisine of Piedmont is mind-blowing! The "Slow Food" organisation (the opposite to fast food!) was born and nurtured in this zone. The markets drip with wonderful fresh produce and the pasta is made slowly – by hand – and consumed with great enthusiasm, or gusto.

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