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A Cooks' Tour of Tuscany and Provence

The Cooks' Tour has been designed by The Active Gourmet as an exploration of the delicious timeless cuisines of Tuscany and Northern Provence for people who genuinely love food.

Learn about the products, meet some of the producers and be guided in preparing the essentials of the two cuisines in a series of carefully planned cooking experiences.

Autumn in Europe means the grape harvest. It also means luscious figs, giant porcini mushrooms and prolific quantities of fruit and vegetables.

Shop in the bountiful markets and live like a local!

Happy cooks review the first tour 

"Loved every minute, thank you. Saw things and places I would never have been to normally. Wonderful accommodation and very enjoyable social get togethers. Will be trying the recipes and I'm sure will impress friends. Happy memories. Colleen" 

"Thank you for a wonderful experience. I have enjoyed it all, the cooking, markets and the places we have stayed in. Joan"

 "Have had the opportuity never to be forgotten. So many new places I would never have visited. New friends, many laughs, beautiful meals. Thank you. Love Lesley" 

"Two weeks filled with sensory and visual experiences never to be forgotten - plus a fun group of foodies to share it all with. Thank you dfoe all the new memories. Kaye x" 

"An amazing experience opf Eurpoe, people, food and fun. So many parts of Italy and France I would never have seen. Could have stayed in France and never gone home!!! Grazie, merci, Janine" 

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